About 2island travellers

There are 9000km between England and Japan

We have both grown up on an island.
We have completely different cultures and customs,
but somehow we met, got married and now live together.

There are many similarities between us, but there are also many differences.
Together we want to experience and see the differences and similarities of the world.

Through this website we want you to see and experience this too. 

See you there!










Our travel history

Our first meeting is hard to say romantic but it was a fateful encounter at crowded night club in London . 熱気むんむんのロンドンのライブハウスで、決してロマンチックとは言えない状況の中、運命的出会いを果たす。
Soon after we met, Elliot left to Asia for his first taste of travelling and Mayu stayed in London. But after half a year, we met again in sunny Cyprus. Our relationship starts! 出会って間もなくエリオットはアジアへ旅立ち、マユはロンドンに滞在。しかし半年後、真夏のキプロス島で再会!
Flat share together in North east London at playful warehouse with 5 other europeans. 北ロンドンにある雑多なウェアハウス地区で、個性豊かなヨーロピアン5人と共にフラットシェアをして暮らす。
Travel in Middle Europe visiting friends. After the trip, Mayu left London to Japan and Elliot stayed in London. It means the second long distance relationship started. バックパックを背負って中央ヨーロッパを友人を訪ねながら旅する。その後マユは日本へ帰国。エリオットはロンドンに残り、2度目の遠距離生活が始まる。
We meet again, this time in India, almost in the centre between England and Japan after one year long distance relationship. We spent most of our time in Indian Himalayan mountains, learning a lot about how hard and amazing the trekking is. Whilst taking in the slow vibe of rural life. After that, we travelled in South East Asia on our way back to Japan. We hitchhike through Japan with our tent. everyones hospitality. Through all these travel experiences, we decided to get married but as soon as we got married, Elliot left Japan to London and Mayu stayed in Japan. Not the standard honeymoon! イギリスと日本のだいたい中間であるインドで再会を果たし、約1年の遠距離生活に幕を閉じる。インドにいた3ヶ月間のほとんとをヒマラヤ山脈の奥地で過ごしたおかげで、登山と山暮らしの素晴らしさや厳しさを身を持って学ぶ。その後東南アジアを旅し、共に日本へ帰国。日本ではテントとヒッチハイクで旅を続け、この旅中ついに結婚を決意。しかし入籍後すぐ、エリオットはビザ切れのためロンドンへ帰国。マユは日本に残ることを選ぶ。
After the new year, Elliot moved to South Africa. We met again in London after another long 9 month distant relationship. We had our wedding party at Elliot's parents house with our friends from all over the world. Finally, we start to live together in South Africa. 年が明けるとともに、エリオットは南アフリカ共和国へ移住。そして9ヶ月間の遠距離生活後、イギリスで再会をする。南ロンドンにあるエリオットの実家で結婚ホームパーティーを開催し、その後やっとのことで南アフリカでの新婚生活(?)がスタート。
We spent an amazing year enjoying the great outdoors that south Africa had to offer but our travel bug kicked in once again. We set our hearts on the road and decided to leave South Africa on a journey back to London by bicycle. We spent many months prepping for the trip. The adventure started in April 2015! 南アフリカでの生活に終止符を打つことを決めると同時に、今いるケープタウンからイギリスへ自転車で向かうことに。旅に向けての意気込みと準備を万全に整え、4月から新たな冒険をスタート!
Finally we arrived at home in England by bicycle in August. It was great 12,000km journey from Cape town. We are completely addicted to cycle touring! 8月初旬、無事ケープタウンから12,000kmの自転車の旅を終え、イギリスのエリオット宅に到着!完全に自転車旅のトリコに。。。
New adventure starts from England to Japan by bicycle! イギリスから日本への自転車旅がスタート!