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We both find ourselves far from our home lands. The first intention is to return home safely and in good health. Though there are many roads that lay ahead, we'll try not to loose sight of the one that brings us back. 私たちの旅の目的は、世界一周でも、夢の実現でもなく、遠く離れた故郷への「帰省」です。約1年半住んだ南アフリカからイギリスへ、そして更には日本まで、冒険しながらゆっくりと帰宅します!


Travelling by land is such a different experience from that cramped, pressurised, petrol guzzling, giant metal bird. You know the one. Granted it may save a little time but we want to experience the nature and see the landscape change beneath us. 自転車でスローな旅をすることで、情景の移り変わりや現地の人々の暮らしをより肌身で感じたいと思っています。ペダルを漕ぐための日々のエネルギー源は、皆さまからのエールです!


Travel, for the most part, is about using fuel, buying bottled water and staying in hotels that consume far beyond what is needed in a household. We want to travel sustainably, filter our water and camp leaving no trace but the nutrients from our bums. 資源エネルギーやプロダクトをできるだけ消費しない、持続可能(サスティナブル)な旅を追求しています。

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