This is our tale, a work in progress, that grows every time we experience something new. It’s a collection of stories we’ve picked up from the road, a snapshot of the people we’ve met, the things we’ve seen and the thoughts we’ve had. Vivid visions of the past don’t last long, instead we are left only with words and digital representations of a place we once were. But we have done our best to recall those moments and now we would like to share them with you.





We are from two very different islands, but somehow we met and both became very passionate about travel. Elliot is from the UK and Mayu is from Japan. We grew up in a suburban setting on the outskirts of London and Osaka.

In 2015 we decided to the leave the comfort and mental security of our home in South Africa, where we had been living and working for some time. With a limited budget and a thirst for adventure, we planned to cycle back to England.

The idea of achieving something carried us out of the door and on to the open road. But soon that feeling faded, as the world, a diverse and complex place, took center stage and all of our attention. Upon arriving in England, it seem that the only logical thing to do was save some more money and find out what was along the road that connected Elliot’s homeland to Mayu’s.

The whole journey enriched our minds in ways we could never have imagined. Meeting so many different people, living so many different lives, has given us the tools to think about what is important. Each story and photo here means a lot to us, but the moments we captured have not stood still, as the world is always moving. Although we are now back in Japan, our travelling spirit is far from jaded, this is a part of us now and for as long as we can, will continue to be, two island travellers.