We planned to set out on this trip as 4 friends looking for an adventure, to be outside and enjoy a life on the road. However sadly, because of safety reasons, our two friends have decided not to join us.

Is what we are about to do, a safe thing to be doing? Some days the answer is no, some days the answer is yes. Really depends on my state mind. 

Moving from my mind to others, believe it or not. You get a mix bag of results. Some say yes, some say no. So I guess it depends on who you’re asking, what state of mind they are in and where you are planning to go.

I did a quick search on the internet. To ask, is the house a dangerous place to be? On the second page of results I read that the bathroom is potentially a dangerous place. Especially with the involvement of alcohol. So now I have done my research I know not go to the bathroom when I am drunk. 

There is a possibility of yes, we could put ourselves in danger. But are we putting ourself in more danger than what we are already comfortable with? Say driving at 120kmh, knowing that an accident is most probably fatal.

So I am interested in state of mind, the positive thinker vs the negative thinker. Personally I think it all has to do with training your mind. Similarly if you want to get fit you have to exercise, and to maintain that fitness you have to continue to exercise. No different to the mind in my opinion.

From my past experiences in a life of travel and a life of settling into a spot. Very few bad things have happened to me. In my mind anyway.

Can the world be as safe, as it is dangerous? It depends on where I go, my state of mind and who I meet. And before I cross anywhere off my list, I do some research. Often its a path well travelled and certainly not as bad as I first thought.

Also I really enjoy story telling. Anyone who knows me well, knows they can sometimes be long stories. But what I feel is most important. Is to tell a story from my own experience and give advice for somewhere I’ve been. Not from what I’ve heard in the media, or from a friend of a friend. If we all took this approach, it might give a more accurate picture of the ‘real’ world. Instead of concentrating on small pockets of madness.



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